Noel Butlin Lecture

“Coming Out of Economic Crisis: What Worked and What Did Not in Roosevelt’s New Deal”

Professor Price Fishback (University of Arizona)

The 2012 Noel Butlin Lecture will be given by Professor Price Fishback from The University of Arizona. Professor Fishback is a leading economic historian, who since 1996, has been involved in running the annual Cliometrics Conference. In 2002 he received the Cliometric Society’s highest award for exceptional service. In 2006, he was elected a Trustee of the Economic History Association. He is currently working with coauthors on examining the politics and economics associated with Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal during the Great Depression. He contributed to writing the book Government and the American Economy: A New History (University of Chicago Press, 2007). His 2000 book (with Shawn Kantor), A Prelude to the Welfare State: The Origins of Workers’ Compensation, was awarded a Paul Samuelson Certificate of Excellence by the TIAA-CREF Institute and the Lester Prize by the Industrial Relations Group at Princeton University. He published widely on labor market discrimination, segregated schools, workplace safety regulation, workers’ compensation, wage compensation for accepting accident risks, coal miners, the operations of labor markets, interest group politics, strike activity, violence in strikes, and company towns.

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